FavSync Pro
Create a collaborative portal for your organization with a single sign-on functionality for your applications that is easy to set up and easy to manage
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Easily collect and access all the content of your organization in one place Examples and screenshots
Single Sign-on
Users can automatically login to all the web applications without filling in a username and password, accessing them even faster.

Users do not need to manage or even know the passwords, you can grant access to any application they need without revealing the login information. Examples and screenshots
Make teamwork seamless by collecting content together in a central repository.
New members are onboarded easier as all of the information is organized in one place. Examples and screenshots
Brand your portal to fit the look and feel of your company, strengthening your brand inside and out.

Examples and screenshots
Cloud service
Access your portal from anywhere and any device with a simple login. Your data is stored securely on our servers.

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