How was it founded?

FavSync was founded in 2011 by Vladi Trop, who was seeking for a solution to manage his bookmarks in a better way and access them instantly from his homepage.
After some market research he discovered he was not the only one and that no good solution exists.
That is when he decided to create FavSync.

What is FavSync today?

FavSync today is being used worldwide by various users – from beginners to power users, for personal use and for office use.
We’re doing our best to make sure anyone can enjoy.


  • Vladi Trop
    Vladi Trop
  • Raphael Glassberg
    Raphael Glassberg
    Business Development
  • Peter Kollarovits
    Peter Kollarovits
    Head Developer
  • Dima Zyuryaev
    Dima Zyuryaev
    IT Architect
  • Vicky Galmarini
    Vicky Galmarini
    Web Designer
  • Mieke Augustijnen
    Mieke Augustijnen
    Content Editor
  • Yuriy Motsnyy
    Yuriy Motsnyy
    Web Developer
  • Oleg Stasiv
    Oleg Stasiv
  • Vlad Fedorov
    Vlad Fedorov
    iOS developer
  • Gleb Kravchenko
    Gleb Kravchenko
    Android developer