We often search for stuff online, sometimes Google is good enough for the task, but sometimes we want to search inside a specific website directly (for example YouTube or Wikipedia).

Direct Search was designed especially for that.

Next to websites that can be searched directly you will find the search icon.

By pressing on it, a search field will expand. Fill in your search and press ENTER. It will open the search result on that website directly.

Direct search

The unique thing about Direct Search is that you can do it on EVERY website that can be searched (compared to Chrome and Firefox built-in functionality that allows you to do it on specific websites only). When you are adding a bookmark it is automatically checked if we have a search query for it. If we do, we will automatically add the search icon next to it, but if we don’t you can easily submit a new search query and start searching immediately.

Accessing Direct Search through add-on and address bar:

Recently we have added functionality that allows you to access bookmarks and search through them from the add-on and from the address bar.
Please check out the specific articles about it:

1. How to Direct Search through the add-on
2. How to Direct Search through the address bar