Some time ago, I was telling about how you can access your FavSync bookmarks from anywhere by using the add-on. From now you can do it directly from the address bar, by simply adding FavSync’s results to your existing browser results!

Here’s how it works in Chrome:

In the settings of Chrome press on Manage search engines.
You will see FavSync as one of the options. Press on Make default:

Manage search engines

This will set FavSync as a default search engine and will combine search results from FavSync, Chrome and even Google autosuggest.

Note two things:
1. You can always reverse it easily, by setting Google search engine as default (or any other search engine you had as default).
2. It will still autosuggest Google and will show the bookmarks and history from Chrome. The only thing that will change is that it will add the results from FavSync to it.


You can access your favorite websites even with one-key shortcuts, since it also works with the shortcuts that have been defined on your FavSync page:


And it even works with Direct Search (searching inside websites).
Here’s how: start typing the website you would like to search inside, press arrow down to have it selected and add “:” and then your search query.
It can be also combined with shortcuts.


You can also use it without setting it as a default search engine by typing “favsync.com” in your address bar and by pressing TAB every time.

Here’s how it works in Firefox:

In the search engines field press on the icon and choose “Add FavSync”


Then you can search on FavSync through the search engine field:


The results are the same as in Chrome, just without the browser results, which are shown directly in the address bar of Firefox, so it’s only the FavSync results + Google results.