Tags is a powerful tool as an additional way to organize your bookmarks.
Today we will talk about useful cases and things you can do with tags on FavSync:

Imagine you are collecting bookmarks that you would like to use when you are bored.
You could, of course, store them all in the same category. However, when one bookmark is related to IT news, another one to some funny jokes and a third one to some online tutorial, you might want to store them in the proper categories and still be able to access all of them at once.

In this case you can assign the same tag to all of them.
You can add tags when adding/editing a bookmark manually or via the add-on:

Searching for tags can be done through FavSync search or directly through your address bar. It will show you up to three bookmarks with that tag in the results list and an option to see all the bookmarks with that tag.

You can only use AND / OR keywords for searching for multiple tags together.
Example: bored read OR bored watch will show you bookmarks that have one of the two tags.
Example: bored read AND bored watch will show you only bookmarks that have both tags.