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Recently we’ve added a trim button next to the URL, when adding a bookmark.

Pressing on the trim button will remove everything that comes after the first / and will leave only the parent domain.
Example: will become


Sometimes I end up reading a good article on a website that I like. Problem is that I want to bookmark the website itself and not the specific article, so that’s when I use the trim button.


Today we introduce another way to keep your bookmarks clean – Clean Up Center.

We understand that you are too busy to sit and check every bookmark if it’s still alive or maybe you have it saved two times accidentally or maybe you actually never used it and never will. It’s okay, we will do it for you.

Clean Up Center does three things:

1. Checks for dead bookmarks
2. Checks for unused bookmarks
3. Checks for duplicate bookmarks

Afterwards it presents it in a simple list, from where you can just choose which bookmarks you would like to delete or archive.

Clean up center


We are constantly thinking of new ways how to keep your bookmarks lists as organized and as short as possible and today we would like to introduce you ARCHIVE IT.

We all have these bookmarks that we don’t want to delete, because maybe, someday, we might need them, on the other hand we don’t want to see them anymore.

That’s why you can archive bookmarks and don’t have this dilemma anymore.

A new option when you press on the delete button is introduced: Archive it.

Afterwards it will be stored in a special tab, called Archive.
This tab behaves almost as a regular tab and you can even choose a view mode for it. To bring something back from the archive, simply drag the bookmark/category to the tab you want it to go.

Note that if you don’t have anything archived yet, the Archive tab will not appear. After you have archived your first bookmark, it will appear. If you don’t want it to appear, you can change that through theĀ View Settings.

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